Vietnam Veterans Association
1965 - 1970
2nd Battalion 7th Marines
Golf Company
1st Marine Division
Golf 2-7 V V A Monument Dedicated July 23, 2011

Golf Company 2-7 Vietnam Veterans Association (Golf 2-7 V V A) is a 501c (19) non-profit veterans group consisting of members of the United States military who served honorably with Golf Company during its deployment to Vietnam from 1965 through 1970. Golf 2-7 V V A is a very close group of combat brothers who gather to remember and reconnect with members past and present. This organization is a reunion based membership that has gathered each year since 1998 to encourage, promote and aid the membership of those affiliated with Golf Company 2-7 V V A. Each year our reunion has included members, their families, families of fallen members as well as other military members or friends who attend as guests of a member. Our reunions are usually held in the summer months and move each year to cities that are located on the east, west and central part of the country. See our reunion information for this year's location, dates and activities.

Golf 2-7 V V A is a reunion based association whose By-Laws list several objectives and purposes with its first being: "Encourage, Promote & Aid the Membership." If you are or know of a Golf 2-7 V V A Member who is in need of assistance in order to join us at this year's reunion, please let one of the officers know. Assistance will be considered on a case-by-case basis and includes help with expenses to attend a company reunion such as: transportation expenses (gas, bus fare, etc.) reunion activity fees, banquet or lodging costs.