HOORAH to the efforts of each Golf Company Marine and Corpsman who served with Golf Company during its deployment to Vietnam from August 1965 to October 1970 and to their families.

At the July 2008 reunion, Golf 2-7 V V A membership decided to take on a memorial monument project "
IN HONOR OF OUR FELLOW MARINES FROM GOLF COMPANY." By September 2010 all necessary funding had been raised and a decision was made to move forward from the engineering and design phase to the construction phase of the Golf 2-7 V V A Monument. Thanks to the efforts of our members and their families, in July 2011 the Golf 2-7 V V A Memorial Monument was finally placed at its permanent home at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia in its Semper Fidelis Memorial Park. On July 23, 2011 our monument was officially dedicated and is now available for all past, present and future Marines, Corpsmen and their families to see.

Semper Fidelis
Golf 2-7 Vietnam Veterans Association
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Golf 2-7 V V A Memorial Monument construction completed and installed!
Vietnam Veterans Association
1965 - 1970
2nd Battalion 7th Marines
Golf Company
1st Marine Division