Vietnam Veterans Association
1965 - 1970
2nd Battalion 7th Marines
Golf Company
1st Marine Division
August Miele (Augie) volunteered and was elected for the President position. Keith Grosskoph volunteered and was elected to the Treasurer position and Bruce Guthrie volunteered and was elected to the Sergeant at Arms position. Bruce has served as Treasurer and Secretary in prior years. Our thanks go out to all three of these members for stepping up and volunteering to fill these positions.

Thanks were noted for the work our newsletter publisher did this year with the newsletter Dave Kling (Pee Wee). Dave was unable to attend this year's reunion. He did, however, arrange the purchase of new complete sets of KIA dog tags. This year's Sunday morning memorial service was modified since we now have a new set of KIA dog tags, allowing the members presenting the old dog tags as each KIA's name was read to do a salute in place of hanging the KIA's dog tags and allowing them to keep the KIA's older dog tags of a fallen brother.

Two company announcements were made concerning Golf 2-7 Vietnam Veterans Association, one about the nonprofit IRS business status and other concerning the amount collected for membership dues. 2017's nonprofit tax return will be the last one filed closing Golf 2-7 V V A's IRS nonprofit status and starting January 1, 2018 membership dues will be reduced to $30.00 a year.

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Golf 2-7 V V A Monument Dedication July 23, 2011:

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Taps for our fallen members:

2/15/2017 Robert Sunderman (1969)
Sioux Falls, SD 57110

1/22/2017 Mark Romander (Rojo) 1969-70
Castle Dale, UT 84513

1/4/2017 David Thompson 1968-69
Anderson, SC 29621
This year's reunion was held at the Auburn Place Hotel, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We had 85 attend the Friday night buffet and 91 for our Saturday night banquet. Our DJ, Jim Maedgen, with the help of his junior DJ Gavin (Dave Dinehart's grandson) kept us entertained both evenings. Our Company President Jim Stroman opened his firearm range on Thursday and Friday for two days of firearms shooting. On Thursday evening we had a large group of over 35 venture out to Lamberts (Home of the Thrown Hot Rolls) for a great meal and fun catching hot rolls. This year's hospitality room was a large open area consisting of several tables next to the pool area which was well visited both day and night. Our hospitality room groupies even got a visit from the local police requiring them to tone it down or disband for the evening. Not 100% sure but I think the group did neither. Frank Rodriquez took on the responsibility of overseeing the hospitality area and the beer and other hospitality supplies from that point on. Thanks Frank.

The membership meeting was attended by 40 members. Our President Jim Stroman ('67-68) opened the meeting and had Sergeant at Arms Lemont Taylor lead the membership with the pledge of allegiance. Jim then asked our Chaplin Rick Lewis ('69) to lead us in an opening prayer. Next Jim had each of the company officers, Vice President Gary Wavrecan ('66-'67), Secretary Ron Myers ('67), Treasurer Dave Dinehart ('70) and Sergeant at Arms Lemont Taylor ('67-'68) stand and introduce themselves. The 2016 minutes were read by Secretary Ron Myers followed by the 2016 and current financial reports by Treasurer Dave Dinehart and each was then approved.

There were no new Marines attending as in years past. We did have a couple faces that had not been seen in years. This year's officer elections were for the President, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms positions for 2018 and 2019 terms.
Golf 2-7 V V A 2017 Reuion and Membership Meeting Update: