Vietnam Veterans Association
1965 - 1970
2nd Battalion 7th Marines
Golf Company
1st Marine Division
Don Gray presented the Reunion Committee report. Don explained that due to our decrease in attendance we are not getting enough rooms rented to get the hotel benefits such as group rates, free or reduced banquet and hospitality rooms, etc. Discussions were held about contacting non-participating members, combining the Golf 2-7 reunion with other companies or units or changing frequency to every other year. It ended with 2017 Golf 2-7 V V A reunion being held within a one-hour drive from the St. Louis International airport. The reunion committee will review the cities and hotel options within that area and have a site selected by the end of the year that will be posted on this website.

Another item that was discussed was the time of the year our reunion is held. Fall and Spring gatherings usually provide better options for hotel rates and hotel incentives. It was determined that if we are NOT able to gain back some of our reunion participation in 2017 we will again re-discuss the location, time of year and reunion frequency issues at the 2017 meeting.

Don Gray did note that the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico has plans to build a hotel on site which may open another reunion site option down the road.

Jim Stroman asked Chaplin Lewis to lead us in a closing prayer and the 2016 membership meeting was adjourned.

Golf 2-7 V V A Monument Dedication July 23, 2011:

For Information about the Golf 2-7 Monument Dedication and DVD Click here

Taps for our fallen members:

2/15/2017 Robert Sunderman (1969)
Sioux Falls, SD 57110

1/22/2017 Mark Romander (Rojo) 1969-70
Castle Dale, UT 84513

1/4/2017 David Thompson 1968-69
Anderson, SC 29621

1/7/2016 Howard Allen 1966-67
Indianapolis, IN 46254

1/21/ 2016 Phillip Norwood 1965-66
Brown Deer, MI 53209

4/26/2016 Cliff Cunningham 1969
Bridgeport, CT 06610

This year's reunion was held in Appleton, Wisconsin. We had a smaller turnout than prior years with 81 attending the Friday night Fish Fry and 89 the Saturday banquet. This was year two for our DJ and emcee team, Jim Maedgen and Don Gray. Even through our gathering was smaller this year we still had two very nice evenings of food, music and dancing. This year's hosts Keith and Kay Grosskopf even went a step further and had everyone to their house for a cookout of burgers and brats on Wednesday evening. Accompanied by some rain about 2 dozen brave souls attended the Timber Rattlers ball game Thursday evening. Kay also led the group on a tour of a cheese processing farm and a very large dairy farm. The river cruise and lunch outing was enjoyed by many as well.

This year's
membership meeting with 39 members was opened by our new President Jim Stroman ('67-'68). Each of the company officers, Vice President Melvin Owens ('66-'67), Secretary Bruce Guthrie ('67-'68), Treasurer Dave Dinehart ('70) and Sergeant at Arms Lemont Taylor ('67-'68) stood and introduced themselves. Sergeant at Arms Lemont Taylor led the membership with the pledge of allegiance. Jim asked our Chaplin Rick Lewis ('69) to lead us in an opening prayer. The 2015 Minutes were read by Secretary Bruce Guthrie and 2015 and current financial reports by Treasurer Dave Dinehart and both were then approved.

This year we had
one new Marine welcomed home, Bill Delaura ('67) and we had two members who haven't attended in several years return, Bill Rittenhouse ('70) and Ron Pritchard ('66-'67). This year's officer elections were for the Secretary and Vice President positions for 2017 and 2018 terms. Ron Myers ('67) was nominated and elected for the Secretary position. Ron has served in the Secretary and President's position in prior years. The Vice President position had August Miele ('65) and Gary Wavrecran ('66-'67) nominated, with Gary being elected.

It was discussed that some of our KIA's dog tags were missing and needed for our Sunday memorial service. Mike Weaver ('69-'70) volunteered to fund replacements for the dog tags needed.
Golf 2-7 V V A 2016 Reuion and Membership Meeting Update: