Vietnam Veterans Association
1965 - 1970
2nd Battalion 7th Marines
Golf Company
1st Marine Division
As the reunion committee discussed at last year's membership meeting, consideration was being made to take the 2018 reunion back to our Marine Corps military roots and have it in the Northern/Central VA area. It was announced that the 2018 Golf 2-7 V V A reunion will be held in the Washington D. C. metro area. The exact location or hotel has not yet been determined but work is underway to have it close enough to provide reasonable lodging rates. Arrangements will be made to utilize busses during the reunion to visit venues such as the Marine Corps Museum and see the Golf 2-7 Monument and Vietnam Wall and other monuments on the Washington Mall. The reunion will most likely be held mid-September to get better lodging rates and avoid the heavy D. C. tourist season congestion. The exact location and dates will be posted on the Golf 2-7 V V A website by the end of this year.

Lamont Taylor made a presentation to consider having the 2019 reunion held in upstate New York and provided some details of all the research he has accomplished. A motion to accept Lamont's presentation was made and seconded. A date is yet to be determined. There was discussion about considering mini-reunions at different times and locations around the country and possible having the main reunion every other year. However, it was agreed to continue holding our reunions annually and to stay with the central US location as outlined at last year's meeting.

Jim Stroman again reminded the membership of our main goal to provide any member needing assistance to attend our reunions, find and welcome home any Golf 2-7 Marines or Corpsmen who has not been found and to share information about our members and their families now that we have the Golf 2-7 Facebook Group page.

Jim then asked Chaplin Lewis to lead us in a closing prayer and the 2016 membership meeting was adjourned.
Golf 2-7 V V A 2017 Reuion and Membership Meeting Update: